Hack Circus is about fantasy technology and everyday magic

Invention doesn’t have to be useful. Hack Circus is an artistic collective dedicated to celebrating the entertaining and engaging side of inventive thought, whether that manifests physically with wires and batteries, or conceptually in artistic or philosophical ways – as long as it makes us smile.

So far, Hack Circus has addressed questions like:

  • How do you know you’re not just a brain in a jar?
  • What do particle physicists know about ghosts?
  • How do you communicate with the distant future?
  • How do you write about time travel so it makes sense?
  • Why do some people think the Universe is a hologram?

You can read about the quarterly Hack Circus events here and on the blog and watch videos of them on our YouTube channel. Each issue is launched at an event, and each Hack Circus is themed. The first event and magazine were all about TIME and the second were about REALITY. At the September 2014 event, we sent 50 people into space

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The magazine and events are launched in December, March, June and September and locations change each time. It's a travelling circus.

Hack Circus doesn’t take itself too seriously. We value entertainment, invention and imagination. We believe some things are inherently interesting – and those are the things we’ll feature.

There is also an occasional podcast with its own subjects and guests. The theme tune is by Joseph Thorpe from Sheffield. Check out Joe's band or email him.

Hack Circus is designed and produced in Yorkshire and you can buy it in some shops here. It’s printed by Pressision in Leeds and designed by Matthew Keen and James Rogers in Sheffield.

The Ringmaster is Leila Johnston: journalist, maker, and creator of numerous art/entertainment/tech mash-ups.