[Want to know what happened at Hack Circus: UNDERWORLDS? Click here for the write-up!]

You are seeing this page because we need your help. We have some incredible news to share. 

Amazing as it sounds, Hack Circus has been made aware of a subterranean volcano leading into an elaborate system of underground tunnels of unknown depth. We have found a point of entry beneath the basement of the Star of Kings pub in London's King's Cross, and are attempting to chart the system with our instruments as we speak. Our equipment can only do so much from the surface, however. We hoped we could avoid this but it seems not; in order to get a better picture of what's down there, we will have to go in.

Join Leila Johnston and LJ Rich in the Star of Kings basement, at 6:30pm on Monday, March 23rd for an exploratory mission into the underworld. We will be travelling in a unique sound-powered tunnelling vessel, currently under development, and piloted by LJ Rich.

Please bear in mind: we really don't know what we will find. We need a strong healthy team. It might be worth getting down to the gym now if you can.

Bring a torch. This is very important. We are expecting it to be dark.

We will be guided on our journey by three experts: monster afictionado sci-fi author Chris Farnell, historian and volcano enthusiast Ralph Harrington and shark-mad comics legend Steve White – but who knows who (or what) else we might encounter?

Hack Circus: Underworlds is the most ambitious Hack Circus event to date, and has been masterminded by LJ Rich and Leila Johnston. Issue #6 of the magazine will be launched at the event. Spaces on the craft are very limited. Early booking is strongly advised.