In March 2014, 60 people discovered THE NATURE OF REALITY for just £5. Were you among them?

Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY took place at Sheffield's Site Gallery on the evening of Saturday the 15th of March. The crowd drank beer, listened to interesting talks and performances, learned about magic, music and machines and met interesting people. The second issue of Hack Circus was launched at the event.

What makes you so sure you're not just a brain in a jar? How do you conjure up a fictional world with real technology and vice versa? What's the deal with site-specific theatre? Why do people like model railways? Who are you and how did you get into my house?

Speakers and performers addressing these sorts of issues on the night included:

Heather Fenoughty – composer and sound designer

Ralph Harrington – writer, historian, volcano enthusiast and much more

Alex McLean and Kate Sicchio – live coding/dance performance

Sinead McDonald – Dublin-based artist interested in portraiture and identity (and making amazing machines)

Henry Cooke – creative developer of bots with personality

Chris Farnell – science fiction author and journalist

Images on the Facebook event page.