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Hack Circus in the media

Since the project launched in December 2013 there have been some interesting interviews and write-ups. If you'd like to cover Hack Circus for your publication, please get in touch: editor@hackcircus.com.

"Keep an ear out for our pick of the pods" – Hack Circus Podcast recommendation in the Sheffield Telegraph (February 2017)

"Hack Circus turns the rule-abiding approach of TED talks on its head" – interview and report on Underworlds, in The Independent (April 2015)

"Underworlds and beyond" – write-up of Underworlds by Bhavani Esapathi on Bhaesa.com (March 2015)

"A cabaret of hackers" – BBC Click for World Service Radio, audio package of Underworlds show & Leila interview (March 2015)

"Statistically, we don't exist" – Leila Johnston interviewed about Hack Circus for Capioca (March 2015) 

"Future Everything" – Interview on Little Atoms for Resonance FM, from 56 minutes in (March 2015)

"Interstellar Travel on the Starship Hack Circus" – write-up of Starship Hack Circus by Lori Dajose (September 2014)

"Leila Johnston: digital culture has created a new outsider" in The Guardian Technology section (interviewed by Cory Doctorow)

"Making The Interested Interesting" Anjali Ramachandran's write-up of the inaugural event for the Huffington Post 

"Being hacked off helped get ideas off the ground" in The Times SME supplement

Interview with Leila Johnston for Seed The City