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Issue 12: THE END (Spring 2017)

* Under the hood of a real life executioner
* Is this life like a cartoon?
* Make your own Memento Mori
* Bio-microbial portraiture
* Supervolcanoes
* Death from a doctor's perspective
* The Death Helpdesk

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Issue 11: SURVIVAL (Autumn 2016)

* Mars mission applicants
* Cryonics facilities around the world
* Make your own Radio of Hope
* The art of survival
* Why we're afraid of the wrong things
* Comprehensive guide to surviving a nuclear apocalypse
* Sugru reader offer

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Issue 10: SCALE (March 2016)

* O/S maps of Mars
* Deconstructing Mandlebrot
* Make your own portable miniature art gallery
* The making of infinity
* How far away is the horizon?
* How to build a Dyson Sphere
* A record player that spins at the same rate as the Earth
* A philosopher's analysis of timescales
* Circlon theory
* Recent discoveries in bio-immunity

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Issue 9: THE OTHER (December 2015)

* Hacking the postal service
* Tips for creating believable aliens
* Make your own "Hack Circus outsider club" wristband
* How do you know you are who you once were?
* The man who hunts the Loch Ness monster
* John Buchan's 'Other'
* Hauntology and radio transmissions
* Secrets of the Quantum brain
* Lessons from empathy in non-human animals

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Issue 8: PREDICTION (September 2015)

* The perils and beauty of self-driving cars
* Build your own mystical all-knowing Hack Circus pyramid
* Questions to ask your fortune teller
* How to plan for unimaginable disasters
* The destinies of sci-fi futures
* True story of hoaxing the City Slickers
* The hard problem of weather prediction
* London's secret time capsule
* Colour in, cut out and leave somewhere Extinction Symbol

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Issue 7: CHANCE (June 2015)

* Build your own fictional universe
* Roulette hacks
* Reverse-engineered 3D genetic portraits
* A real life 'dice man'
* Does everything happen for a reason?
* Portable wishing star zoetrope kit
* Monty Hall Problem explained
* A man who counts his sneezes
* Why we are terrible at assessing risk
* Uri Geller's numerology

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Issue 6: UNDERWORLDS (March 2015)

* Living room volcanoes
* A visit to an elaborate subterranean cult 
* How to signpost buried danger for our distant future descendants
* The technology of a suburban nuclear bunker
* Creating a business from fantasy crypts
* How to build your own Personal Hell
* Free dungeon themed choose-your-own-adventure game
* Tunnel synaesthesia
* A brief history of grottoes 
* Myths and legends of the deep

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Issue 5: LIFE (December 2014)

* Dangerous potential of Artificial Life 
* Interview with Alcor Life Extension Foundation
* Interview with Stephen Cave, author of Immortality
* How to grow your own house
* A roller coaster designed to kill its riders
* Interview with the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
* How to create dance with API data
* Why Conway's Game of Life still matters
* The planet's longest lived creatures

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Issue 4: FIRST CONTACT (September 2014)

* Arecibo message knitting pattern 
* How to work out if you've already met an alien
* A human lie detector
* How to build the internet from scratch
* Uncontacted tribes
* How to hear the voices of ghosts
* A memorable first contact with the gods
* Interview with SETI
* Our cosmic junkmail

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Issue 3: ACCESS ALL AREAS (June 2014)

  • How to reconstruct a WWII submarine using sound
  • What's inside a prisoner ankle bracelet
  • New method for storing secret data in packs of playing cards
  • How to lie your way into an airport
  • Behind the scenes with the Punch Drunk theatre company
  • The pros and cons of laser-deflecting plasma forcefields
  • What it means to be a video game curator
  • Killer bulldozers

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Issue 2: REALITY (March 2014)

  • How to tell for sure whether you're a brain in a jar
  • What scientists know about ghosts
  • Interview with The Long Now Foundation
  • Peek inside a radar operators' manual
  • Why we find meaning in bots
  • Real devices from fictional worlds
  • Kate Genevieve's magic and sensory perception research
  • Why some people think the Universe is a hologram

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Issue 1: TIME TRAVEL (December 2013)

  • What linear clocks can tell us about the design of time
  • How programmers work outside of time
  • How to write time travel narratives so they make sense
  • The restoration of a real time machine
  • What's inside an ATM 
  • Time bombs

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