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Issue 3: ACCESS ALL AREAS (June 2014)

  • How to reconstruct a WWII submarine using sound
  • What's inside a prisoner ankle bracelet
  • New method for storing secret data in packs of playing cards
  • How to lie your way into an airport
  • Behind the scenes with the Punch Drunk theatre company
  • The pros and cons of laser-deflecting plasma forcefields
  • What it means to be a video game curator
  • Killer bulldozers

+ more!

Issue 2: REALITY (March 2014)

  • How to tell for sure whether you're a brain in a jar
  • What scientists know about ghosts
  • Interview with The Long Now Foundation
  • Peek inside a radar operators' manual
  • Why we find meaning in bots
  • Real devices from fictional worlds
  • Kate Genevieve's magic and sensory perception research
  • Why some people think the Universe is a hologram

+ more!

Issue 1: TIME TRAVEL (December 2013)

  • What linear clocks can tell us about the design of time
  • How programmers work outside of time
  • How to write time travel narratives so they make sense
  • The restoration of a real time machine
  • What's inside an ATM 
  • Time bombs

+ more!