sicchioWho are you and what do you do?I am Kate Sicchio. I am a choreographer and media artist. Most of my work involves movement and technology. I am also a Senior Lecturer in Dance at University of Lincoln.

What are you going to be presenting at Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY? I will be performing with Alex McLean. My part of the performance always fails because I can not keep up with the computer generated score. But I also get to mess up Alex's code too.

What are you working on today? Today I was working on the technical side of a new piece and trying to get data from the web to send over OSC using node.js. It almost works. Almost.

Give us one insight about reality based on your work... Working with dance and technology is really about patience.

Name one great project you've seen recently. Currently I am obsessed with Sophia Brueckner and her singing of her code. It's oddly emotional.

AuthorLeila Johnston