me_oct2013Who are you and what do you do?I AM HENRY. I've been getting paid to make stuff with computers for about a decade, and doing it for fun since well before that.

What are you going to be talking about at Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY? I'm going to be talking about some bots I've made that live on Twitter and impersonate people, and the things that I've learned as a result about how humans respond to software that looks like people.

What are you working on *today*? Today I've been working on an iOS app for Faber and Faber. I worked on  Malcolm Tucker: The Missing Phone a couple of years ago, so it's nice to be doing another project with them.

Give us one insight about reality based on your work... Our monkey brains are as riddled with backdoors and exploits as an unpatched copy of Windows XP. Ask a magician about this one day, or flip through a copy of Mind Hacks, which neatly illustrates a whole pile of quirks in our perception of the world.

Tell us about one great project that you've seen recently. I saw Julian Oliver present some of his work recently (this was before the kerfuffle at Transmediale), and it pushed a lot of my buttons. I really like how his stuff legitimately sits in both the critical arts world and the 2600-style hackery camp; he's talking the talk and walking the walk. The thing I enjoyed most was Newstweek, a project where he critiqued our reliance (and trust) of online news sources, then went off and proved his point by making a covert appliance which could be installed in (say) a coffee shop that would alter news as it crossed the local wifi network. And then installed it covertly on a bunch of public wifi networks. Perfect.