heatherWho are you and what do you do?I'm Heather Fenoughty, and I'm a composer and sound designer for film, theatre, games and multimedia.

What are you going to be talking about at Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY? The notion of 'magic reality' and the manipulation of audience perceptions through audio in site-specific theatre, the technology involved (and if I've got time the effect of music and sound on the brain and how that feeds back into the audience members' journeys through the story).

What are you working on *today*? A score pitch for a feature film.

Give us one insight about reality based on your work... Reality is perception; it's the framework or 'matrix' we create in our mind, through which we navigate the world about us. It's pattern recognition and magical thinking, and we're at the mercy of our subconscious minds creating our own personal realities and directing our actions (some might say!).

At a most basic level, audio has a more direct link to the subconscious - evolutionarily, hearing is one of our early warning systems as we'll often more likely hear a threat before we see it - and so, when it comes to storytelling in the open world, in site-specific theatre, setting the scene, manipulating our focus and the level of emotional importance of that focus that our subconscious relays to our conscious, sound design and music is integral.