brainfreezeWho are you and what do you do?I'm Chris. I write words for people if they pay me money. Those words include this book, a lot of the content for an actual zombie trial at the Science Museum and far too many tweets.

What are you going to be talking at Hack Circus: THIS IS REALITY? I'm going to be finally answering the question "Are you actually a brain in a jar hooked up to a computer simulation?" Loads of people are acting like this is some sort of really deep philosophical conundrum, but really it's very straight forward and I will finally give you an absolute, definitive answer to that question. Probably.

What are you working on *today*?  Today is divided between writing copy for a website that sells lawnmowers, and editing a short story about an extremely violent 8 bit video game.

Give us one insight about reality based on your work... If you think reality is a story and you're the protagonist, the odds are you're actually somewhere between the comic relief and the villain. You know, apart from me. I'm the protagonist.

Name one great project you've seen recently.  I enjoyed the Tourist Trap game at Geek 2014 in Margate. While everyone else was busy playing retro video games we were given an envelope full of old photographs and given an hour to recreate all of them using only what we could find around the convention venue. Anyone who can get a bunch of complete strangers to go out and start constructing donkeys out of coats has achieved something important as far as I'm concerned.