fatrabbitThe next issue of Hack Circus is almost ready to go to print, and will be available to buy on this site and on the Imperica Shop and a couple of real life places in Sheffield, by the 15th of March. If you've already subscribed, you should get your copy sometime in the third week of March. Issue 2 is themed on the nature of reality. Our explorations will include:

  • Why some people think the Universe is a hologram
  • How to find out for sure whether you are just a brain in a jar
  • How coding and dance are connected by perception
  • Why you can't even believe your own eyes
  • What scientist know about ghosts
  • The strange metaphysics of emulation
  • Why we like bots to be human
  • Real devices from fictional worlds

– and more.

As ever, there will be a tie-in event on the same theme. THIS IS REALITY will take place at the Site Gallery in Sheffield on the evening of Saturday, March 15th and speakers/performers will include scientists, historians, technologists and artists. Some of the contributors from the previous issue will be speaking (Sinead McDonald is flying in from Dublin again) as well as some people who've written for the new issue, and some who we've just invited because they're great.

Remember you can view videos of all the talks from the first (time travel-themed) Hack Circus event on our YouTube channel.



AuthorLeila Johnston