HCcoversmallTechnical ideas are often driven by a suppressed need to construct new, intelligent, interesting things – a burning, unfocused creative excitement disguised as something more commercially viable and socially acceptable. So our work begins life fuelled by a tremendous sense of potential, but we live in a world where technology holds huge commercial power, and the dizzy delight of the unknown is easily swamped by the dizzier thrill of making money.

Hack Circus is a step back from crystallising commercial forces and towards the initial power of thought; a step into the unknown. Innovations, inventions and concepts don't have to be useful, but nor do they have to declare themselves 'art' to be appreciated as meaningful or straightforwardly valued and enjoyed. There is another way.

In this magazine you'll find creators whose work might make you smile, but whose curiosity is absolutely serious and all-encompassing. What if the world was slightly different? What if impossible notions were treated with a smile, yes, but also a little reverence? Hack Circus stands for a love of performance, entertainment and demonstration – not necessarily to teach the 'important' stuff, but for the childlike joy of surprise, and for the vital recapturing of those first feelings that anything might happen. It's a place where ideas can simply amuse and impress.

Issue 1 is themed on time and time travel. Amongst other things, it features writers and makers discussing clocks, programming, the narrative tangles of time travel fiction, and a real time machine.


Sandy Noble Chris Farnell Bosley Fletcher Sinead McDonald Alex McLean Laura Wilks Jason Fitzpatrick Leila Johnston

Hack Circus is produced and edited by Leila Johnston, with branding and design by The Beautiful Meme. It's printed by Pressision.

AuthorLeila Johnston