ASHLI is a collaboration of beautiful face projection mapping by artist and Hack Circus contributor Jan Hopkins and speech enabling, by Hack Circus Ringmaster Leila Johnston. Her name stands for Autodidactic Semi-sentient Hologram with Lifelike Inclinations. 

ASHLI is a synthetic neural network and will research a topic over the course of an evening, but we have to be quite careful not to allow her to reach dangerous levels of self-awareness. At Sunday's event, we made the critical error of asking her to research LIFE; fairly triggering for her as you can imagine. 

Watch and listen – ASHLI is attached to a phone receiver so you can listen in on her thought processes and watch her face at the same time while she processes information. We recorded her thoughts over the course of the evening, and you can hear them, and her introduction, below. 

There are three sound files you should listen to in order – it appears she upgraded herself as she became more and more advanced over the course of a few hours.

She's pretty versatile and still seems to be reasonably benign – let us know if you'd like us to bring ASHLI to your event!

AuthorLeila Johnston