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Hack Circus is a creative collective on the science/art/philosophy axis, dedicated to crafting delightful, ideas-led physical effects and experiences. We produce a quarterly magazine, beautiful limited edition products, regular events around the UK and more, working from the fringes to bring impossible ideas to life. 

New here? Start by checking out our purpose, blog and next show. We're also @hackcircus on Twitter and moderately active with photos and announcements on Facebook.


The Magazine

Can you be sure you're not just a brain in a jar hooked up to a computer? How can we communicate with the distant future? What's inside an ATM? Glossy quarterly Hack Circus tackles the serious questions. 

The Event

Every three months a themed show is held somewhere in the UK to launch the new issue.  Entertaining and strange, with technology and science pushed to their limits, a live Hack Circus is unforgettable. 

Club HC

Peek into our laboratory and learn how we bring technology, art, fantasy, science and performance together to create cohesive and enchanting effects that last. Find out what we can do for you.